My needlework has been a journey that I never planned on taking. I was simply looking for a hobby to fill long Maine winter nights. And at no point during my early days of stitching, did I imagine that this handwork would become a life altering adventure: a new/old means of giving this woman a creative voice. Regularly, the needle was a part of a woman’s work as we know. However, historically, women have long been able to use that needle to escape the mundane activities of daily life. Whether it was making and embellishing a garment or if they were fortunate enough, stitching something beautiful and/or practical for their home.

 I have had the privilege of being able to create art with my needle. I have taken a traditional form of needlework and used it as a means of modern self-expression--truly something my stitching forebears would have been unable to comprehend. What has been wonderfully liberating for me was the flexibility of this medium, its numerous possibilities of form and the glorious multitude of fibers available to a 21st century artisan.

 Mostly, and very happily, I am excited every time I embark on another stitching odyssey. I allow myself to go where my mind and imagination lead me--ALWAYS.  Whether that be a moonlit sky or an abstract concept of a rainless summer or a non-representational self-portrait or an emotion that I believe I can honor in thread . . . I have to feel that my voice has found its visual form. Each and every piece I make begins as “a vision” and those visions require the commitment of time and conviction to see them materialize into what my mind has commanded my hands to make. It is my earnest desire to continue exploring these “visions” for many years to come.